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Two strokers for the price of one! Using lube also helps to sensitise the penis increasing sexual pleasure for you. Kiiroo is a competitive player in today's sex-tech arena, with an arousing product line that includes couples and solo toys which all utilize the latest technological advancements.

But when it comes to sex toys, things shouldn't come as a surprise—you know, unless you've talked about it ahead of time. We provide high-quality yet affordable sex toys and adult products online for men and women alike. It is certain that Kiiroo ranks among the top in adult toy manufacturers and manages to provide innovative ideas for those who are always in search for a new way to pleasure themselves or their partner.

Automatic telescopic and rotary penis suction stroker Product Name Male penis stroker Why choose us: 1. Strict quality control system, 2 responsible man masturbator incharge quality between our production process. They may even feel like they can be replaced by a sex toy.

The open side of the toy alongside the shaft is bare too; if you have the opening at the bottom, you can lick the frenulum of the penis (that little piece of skin on the bottom where the head of the penis meets the shaft), which is really sensitive and receptive to flickering with your tongue or to vibration.

What's the Sola Egg Massager: it's a super small, handheld cordless wand with removable silicone head. Manta's flexible silicone wings wrap around the shaft, providing deep vibrations when it's used as a stroker or held against the head or base of the penis.

9. Njoy Pure Wand for $110 from Peepshowtoys. They went over CJ's entire thought process and how they're going to do this next time in case another sex toy pops up in their lives. The toy goes around the penis and since it has flexible wings, it can stay in place and give hands free pleasure (when the penis is erect).

The Kiiroo Titan is the crème de la crème when it comes to male sex toys and stamina enhancing male masturbators. They're also a great way to postpone intercourse, if you have a partner who's not ready to have sex but you like playing together and giving each other pleasure without going all the way.